The Instant Facial For Glowing Skin That Lasts All Week

The Instant Facial For Glowing Skin That Lasts All Week

Being exposed to sunlight and pollution can steal your skin’s glow, making it look tired and dull. However, busy schedules are often one of the reasons why we skip going for facials.

Fortunately, our Nimue Active Glow facial treatment rejuvenates and stimulates the skin for instant revival, bringing back a glow that can last all week.

How Does The Active Glow Facial Work?

Nimue Active Glow facial treatment is the best cure for acne-prone, lifeless, and fatigued skin, as it facilitates the renewal of its outermost layer.

The facial process begins with gentle steaming that helps in open the pores while also softening the surface layer of dead skin cells. It is followed by an extraction process to deeply cleanse the skin to remove all debris and excess oil.

Afterwards, your face is massaged with active ingredients such as Alpha hydroxyl acids, fruit enzymes, Vitamin C, antioxidants and brightening formulation. This removes dead skin cells and improves cell regeneration, resulting to a more vibrant, blooming, and evenly-textured skin.

The Results

Nimue Active Glow facial boosts your skin for a long lasting glow. The facial process is extremely soothing and relaxing. Right after the treatment, your skin will appear vibrant with a refined texture.

If you are in need of an instant glow or want to look your best right ahead of a party, book a Nimue Active Glow facial with the skincare experts at Ivory Aesthetics. Call us on +971 445 155 54 to schedule an appointment.


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