PRP Therapy – The Secret to Hair Growth and Rejuvenation

PRP Therapy – The Secret to Hair Growth and Rejuvenation

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a treatment that uses the regenerative and healing properties of an individual’s blood to promote hair growth and boost skin health. Popularly also known as Vampire facial it is the treatment everyone is going gaga about! So, how does PRP work? Read on to find out!

How does PRP work?

After being used in regenerative medicine and reconstructive surgery, the benefits of PRP are now being used in the field of dermatology.

In a typical PRP therapy session, the therapist will take an individual’s blood and separate its constituents. Following this, platelet-rich plasma is re-injected into the skin or scalp. In some cases, PRP is used along with other stem cells or exosomes for maximum effect.

Sounds painful. Do PRP injections hurt?

This therapy involves reinjecting the skin with PRP through microneedling or injection. This can cause some discomfort which is why a numbing cream is first applied to the skin to help with it.

Does PRP have any side-effects?

Since PRP is derived from the patient’s own body, the risk of an allergic reaction is nil. However, patients have experienced some bruising and bleeding at the injection site and often feel a soreness after the session which subsides after a few days.

For how long does one session of PRP continue to show results?

PRP injections are absorbed and used for tissue regeneration by the body within a few days of one PRP session. Patients have experienced optimal results that have lasted up to 18 months. PRP therapy is recommended as a continuous skin and hair regime.

Who should get PRP treatment?

PRP therapy has proven to be immensely effective in reducing the signs of aging and reversing hair loss. A course of PRP is recommended for those who are looking for an alternative to fillers.

If you are looking to get your first PRP session, make an appointment at Ivory Aesthetics Clinic and start your journey towards a glowing complexion and lustrous hair!


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