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10 sessions for AED 3,500

Our limited-time Body Contouring Package consists of two of the most popular resculpting technologies in the market: Velashape and Hypoxi.  

Combined, these

5 sessions of Velashape and 5 sessions of Hypoxi

spark a synergy that generates remarkable results that you can see and feel within just a few weeks.

The complementary technologies work together to burn stubborn fat deposits, break up cellulite, kick-start the fat-burning metabolism, boost circulation and improve the overall appearance of your skin.

The package includes:

5 sessions x Velashape 60 mins  (Original price per session AED 840)

5 sessions x Hypoxi 30 mins (Original price per session AED 210)

Limited Time Offer

was AED 5,250

Velashape and Hypoxi are an unstoppable duo that slims and contours your body faster and more effectively than if you were to undergo just one. Together, 5 sessions of each of these technologies target areas of the body that are hard to treat with traditional diet and exercise alone. Maximize fat-burning, smooth out bulges and tighten up loose skin with this dynamic combination.

Velashape uses a powerful combination of infrared, radio frequency and vacuum to contour the shape of your body. The vacuum brings the targeted areas closer to the infrared and radio frequency energy. The infrared and radio frequency is then applied to heat and melt stubborn fat cells deep within the skin, while also stimulating the growth of collagen. The heat treatment has the added benefit of boosting blood circulation and the lymphatic system, which helps drain away excess fat cells. As a result of this treatment, you can expect reduced cellulite, loss in circumference and tighter, smoother skin.

Hypoxi is a fat-burning treatment that uses low-impact exercise combined with vacuum and high/low pressure compression technology. It stimulates and activates fat-burning in specific, targeted body areas. Up to three times more effective than traditional exercise, Hypoxi activates the body’s natural fat-burning system, enhances blood circulation and supports the lymphatic system. In addition to all this, it also improves skin texture, reducing the appearance of bumpy cellulite.

These treatments are recommended for the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips and upper arms. 

With this package, you will receive:

Both procedures are painless and non-invasive and you can return to normal daily activities immediately.

Limited Time Offer

was AED 5,250

  • Reduce stubborn fat
  • Target difficult areas such as stomach, thighs,hips and buttock
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the body
  • Decrease appearance of cellulite
  • Ease water retention
  • Increase fat-burning metabolism
  • Drain lymphatic system to remove impurities
  • Decrease circumference of targeted areas
  • Body contouring



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