Double Up! The Best Facial Combinations At Ivory Aesthetics

While we specialize in niche facial treatments designed specifically for particular skin concerns, some of our facial treatments work in perfect sync that tackles multiple concerns, all in a go. Here are our top 3 facial treatment combinations guaranteed to leave your skin clear, smooth & dewy!  Dermaplaning and Chemical Peel The perfect treatment for […]

Facial Extractions: Are They Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Can extractions really damage the skin? At Ivory Aesthetics Dubai, we often come across this question. Some women can be apprehensive when it comes to facial extractions, as they feel it is harmful to the skin, and is an unnecessary step in a facial treatment. However, facial extractions are in fact extremely essential to properly […]

Meso-hair therapy treatment for hair loss

In 1976 a French physician treated various conditions and started experimenting on superficial injections for different indications. Finally he coined the term mesotherapy. Which today is well known and used for several cosmetic procedures. These of course are all unique in there own ways. So for the term meso-hair at IVORY we are aiming on […]