How To Choose The Most Effective Facial For Your Skin Type

Going for a facial treatment is undoubtedly one of the best ways to pamper yourself.

It gives you both aesthetic and psychological benefits by improving your skin texture, and helping you de-stress.

However, each facial comes with its own set of benefits and skin healing properties. To get the best out of these facials, you should be able to determine your skin type and understand what it needs.

Normal skin: If you have normal skin, you don’t have to worry about breakouts or other skin problems. However, facials that are more hydrating can help your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Oily or acne prone skin: You must be very careful In choosing the kind of facial best suited for oily or acne prone skin, as it is the most sensitive skin type. Make sure to consider customized facial treatments designed for problematic skin and take note of the ingredients used in the facial process. Natural products and Nimue Deep Cleansing Facials target the deeper layers of the skin, making them the best choice for this skin type.

Dry skin: Individuals with dry skin should go for facials that moisturize the skin from within. Oxygen facials are hydrating and nourishing, giving you smooth and supple skin.

Combination skin: For this skin type, it is best to go for advanced professional facials as they follow a customized treatment approach. These facials help refine and rejuvenate your skin texture.

Get the most out of your facial treatment by choosing the right facial according to your skin type and condition.

At Ivory Aesthetics Dubai, we strongly believe in educating our clients about their skin type and how it impacts the facial treatment.

Our experts will help you determine your skin type and suggest the most suitable facial for you. Call us on +971 445 155 54 to book a consultation with one of our skincare experts.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting A Facial Every Month!

Most women think of facials as some sort of a luxury, not understanding the incredible benefits a good professional facial can offer if performed monthly.

Some women even wait until they encounter skin problems such as breakouts, dark spots, or dry skin, before booking a facial. If only these women knew that these skin problems can often be prevented by maintaining a regular facial regime!

Skin problems are inevitable, as you age, travel, or are exposed to new atmospheres, your skin will eventually (if not periodically!) encounter some problem or the other. However, with regular facials, you can actually turn back the clock and get smoother, softer, and perfectly toned skin, with fewer fine lines.

Regular facials have huge benefits to the overall health and wellness of your skin as well – both in the short and long term.

Our facial experts have highlighted some amazing reasons why you should be booking a facial appointment (now!).

Skin renewal

A facial ensures your skin replicates new healthy cells, which leads to a much healthier and better looking complexion. You can speed up the skin renewal process with a monthly facial that further allows skincare products to work faster and more effectively on your skin.

Deep cleansing effect

A professional facial provides thorough extraction, deep cleansing and extraction of excess oil from skin. This prevents breakouts and pore clogging, while ensuring clear skin.

Dead skin cells removal

No facial is complete without exfoliation, which removes dead skin cells and impurities to allow your skin-care products to penetrate deeply thus enhancing their effectiveness.

Improved circulation

Gentle massage strokes performed during a facial process help in improving blood circulation. This increases the supply of nutrients in the skin and facilitates healthier skin.

Improved skin tone

Regular facials lighten dark spots and provide an even skin tone. The process is highly effective against dark spots, discoloration and pigmentation.

Slower aging process

Monthly facials can slow down the aging process as it boosts collagen production and improves circulation. A facial treatment treats aging signs while making your skin look younger, radiant, well-nourished and hydrated.

Stress relief

Other than the numerous skin benefits monthly facials offer, they are also very relaxing and provide immediate relief from stress, both physically and mentally.  The serene and peaceful spa ambience makes for the ideal environment to help you relax and unwind.

Facials give you a fresh start to having healthier and balanced skin – nourish your soul and pamper your skin in just a few blissful hours at the spa.

To book an appointment for one of our unique and professionally performed facials, call us on 04 275 3196.


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