2020 skincare trends? What’s a hit and what you can skip!

From a glass skin routine that will leave you with a translucent glow to stimulating the production of collagen with this year’s most talked-about antioxidant Niacinamide, 2020 skincare trends are all about Korean skincare concepts and powerful vitamins with multiple skin-boosting benefits. Read on to discover the dewiest 2020 skincare trends and what’s a hit […]

The ONLY Hyperpigmentation products you need in 2020 (recommended by Shohreh Bagherian)

The cosmetic world is constantly introducing new products, making it difficult to find the right product for specific skin issues, such as hyperpigmentation. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, it is vital you have a good skincare routine that helps minimize the problem and keeps your skin healthy. Contrary to what most people think, good skin […]

Double Up! The Best Facial Combinations At Ivory Aesthetics

While we specialize in niche facial treatments designed specifically for particular skin concerns, some of our facial treatments work in perfect sync that tackles multiple concerns, all in a go. Here are our top 3 facial treatment combinations guaranteed to leave your skin clear, smooth & dewy!  Dermaplaning and Chemical Peel The perfect treatment for […]

Gua Sha Facial – The Most Natural Facial Contouring Treatment!

With injectables & dermal fillers becoming the go-to treatment option in Dubai for facial contouring, you must know that there are alternate options for getting similar results without the needles! The Gua Sha Facial has made many recent converts in the last year as it’s natural technique sculpts and contours the face to give you […]

Dermaplaning – It’s More Than Just Shaving Your Face!

If you’re a beauty & skincare enthusiast, you must’ve come across those ‘oh-so-satisfying’ facial shaving or dermaplaning videos on Instagram. And no, it isn’t just a skincare fad. The post-dermaplaning glow is unreal, making it one of the most sought after facial treatments this year.  So is dermaplaning just a fancy term for facial shaving? […]