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The Baby & Child Massage

The Baby Massage is a classic and medical level massage which acts as a tutorial for the mother, so she can apply these healing techniques for the babies development.
The Child Massage is beneficial for children upto the age of 16 and uses a slower massage technique with light pressure and strokes.

Duration of Treatment 30 Min
Price AED 150

Medical Massage

The Medical Massage employs the techniques of physiotherapy to specifically target problem areas in your body. This is a pressure-point massage and is highly effective in boosting the muscular and nervous system. While the Medical Massage is targeted to your area of concerns, it can also be carried out on your entire body.

Duration of Treatment 90 Min
Price AED 500

Oxygen Massage

The Oxygen Massage combines the classical technique of a Swedish Massage with an oxygen-infused treatment focused on the back, neck and legs where most of the physical stress resides. The massage relieves you off this stress and stimulates circulation in your body; healing you from within. Additionally, it has a significant firming and tightening effect on your skin.

Duration of Treatment 90 Min
Price AED 600

Sports Massage

The Sports Massage Therapy is a deep tissue massage that uses medium pressure on areas that are stressed by rigourous movements based on the sport. This massage can be used to prep your body before an event or to relieve soreness after an event. This massage isn’t restricted to sports enthusiasts and is also a great option for anyone who participates in regular physical activity.

Duration of Treatment 90 Min
Price AED 450


Reflexology is a unique foot massage where pressure is applied to targeted areas of the foot, stimulating organs linked to certain pressure points. With walking and gliding techniques used that improve circulation and relieve muscle stiffness, reflexology is intensely therapeutic and relaxing.

Duration of Treatment 60 Min
Price AED 150

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic Drainage employs a slower but deeper massage technique that tackles extreme water retention in the system. The flow movements used in this massage encourages natural drainage of the lymph nodes, flushing out excessive toxins in the body. This massage is a great option for those with water retention and swelling concerns.

Duration of Treatment 90 Min
Price AED 350

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