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Shrinking Violet
Shrinking Violet

Wrap it tight watch your inches go out of sight. Shrinking violet treatment with active ingredients, pre blend containing a cellulite blend. Full body wrap now for AED 590* *limited till the end of September 2016

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Oxygen Infusion


Ivory Aesthetics has built a prominent standing in improving skin care facial treatments and specialized body massage treatments using low invasive procedures like laser procedures, Energy based methods, microdermabrasion as well as nail care, eye care and hair care. Through the years, it has progressed to feature all facets of aesthetic treatments by adding specialties like oxygen infusion, progressive anti-aging treatments, oxygen body therapy, pure oxygen treatments, Advance peels, Pedicure, Medicure, Meso Hair and oxyneedling.
Ivory Aesthetics is managed by a staff of well qualified professional medical experts and provides specialized aesthetic services in Business Bay and surrounding areas.

Oxygen Infusion

This unique treatment utilizes a tender flow of pressurized restorative level oxygen to give a mixture of nutrients, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid penetrating inside the skin. The outcome is substantially re-hydrated as well as plumped skin, full of life having a radiant healthy glow.


Oxy needling is a pain-free and reliable antiaging process for skin reguvination. Dermaroller in cohesiveness with oxygen regulates complexion, removes lines and wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and minimizes stretchmarks, lumpy skin and acne marks.

Oxygen Body Lifting

Oxygen infusion body treatment method, a special approach which uses oxygen infusion techniques generates centered oxygen, 98% natural, getting it directly through the atmosphere.

Lipolytic Body

Lipolytic Body functions using exclusive photothermia, which happens when laser-light power is consumed by fat and turned into heat energy. The laser energy sources are transferred to the adipocytes via the passage of a laser fiber. Is a treatment for decentralized body fat such as stomach, legs arms, hips, sagging waistline. Extent of the therapy is dependent upon evaluation of fat deposit within the body.